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Our Work

Our work covers a variety of strategies and tactics. Here are just a few examples.

Discovered Opportunity

Uncovered potential revenue sources hidden in existing client database. Opportunity to increase business by 15% with simple modifications.

Set new transaction goals to meet plan.

Meaninful Growth

Helped create strategies leading to year-over-year

growth of over 40%.

Digital Marketing Results
  • A consumer-based franchise saw an increase in social media traffic over 1000% and engagement of 166% within a 30-day period.

  • Another business saw consistent, triple-digit growth in key measures in a 19-month period. Most notably a 2,800% growth in daily average impressions.

Social Media

Creative ideas to emphasize brand, gain exposure and engage the audience via multiple platforms.

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Digital & Branding

Website design and SEO strategies to increase traffic and drive qualified leads.

Emphasize and differentiate brand through multiple strategies.


Demonstrate creative works and artistic integrity through representative design.

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Digital & Branding

Website design, value proposition and brand creation.

Digital, Social & Ecommerce

Directed monthly digital campaigns for social, email, blog, and ecommerce website.

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Analysis, Strategy and Multiple Channel Campaigns

Identified trends and KPIs with in-depth Y/Y data analysis and strategic plan for additional franchise location. Managed creation of multiple campaigns including mail, email, outdoor, CX text and more. Oversight of various program vendors such as SEO and social.

Social Media, Branding, Media Relations and Event Management

Created brand for new NJ non-profit, developed social campaign, secured prominent local media to promote cause. Managed event details with successful outcomes for attendance and program goals.

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Product and Service Management

Relaunched subscription service with upgrades and incentives to better serve clients and improve loyalty.

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