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  • Helen Lawler

The importance of Clean Data

Recently, I posted on LinkedIn three tips for cleaning up your data. But why is it fundamental to marketing and business success?

From a Marketing perspective, clean data allows maximum efficiency for a campaign. Whether it is targeting the right group or ensuring the campaign reaches its destination, good data drives the ability to get it right. It also allows for better tracking with less guessing or debating what success looks like. Overall, this all translates to cost savings and maximum impact.

Good data also provides for determining product improvements and expansion. If your product or service is missing its mark, good data can show you a pathway to fix it. Furthermore, you can recognize where you can find new revenue opportunities.

Overall, having reliable data allows for solid business decisions from across the organization. Sales, finance, customer service, and operations all need to know where there are roadblocks and opportunity.

Make your 2021 data plan now.

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